Our quotation.
  1. We have given you a written quotation for the cost of our work and any goods that you have asked us to supply. When you confirm your acceptance of our quotation you confirm your order for the services and or goods detailed in the quotation on the terms and conditions of this contract (your “Order”).
  2. If you change your requirements we will provide you with a further quotation and need you to confirm your Order for that further quotation.
  3. Once existing wall and or floor coverings, and or fixtures have been removed, if any additional repairs or preparatory work are required we will discuss this with you and provide you with a written quotation for any additional work and or goods involved.
  4. You will need to confirm your agreement before we will do the extra work or arrange the extra goods.

  5. Goods supplied by us:
  6. When we receive your order we will confirm with our suppliers and then advise you when we are able to deliver the goods. We will require payment in advance for goods which we supply. You will only own the goods once we receive payment in full from you.
  7. We will usually be able to deliver the goods to your premises ourselves. Otherwise we will contact you and you will need to ensure that the premises are attended on the agreed delivery date.
  8. When you take delivery of goods at your premises you must check the condition of the goods before signing for them as your signature on any delivery note will confirm that the goods are correct and in good condition.
  9. Once goods are delivered to your premises you are responsible for them and must ensure that they are included in your insurance.
  10. Where there is a manufacturer’s guarantee we will provide that to you.

  11. Services supplied by us.
  12. The work which we have agreed to do is set out in the Order with our estimate of how long that work will take to complete. We will work with you to complete the work in this time frame, but will be dependent on a number of matters outside of our control, such as the timing of other connected work by other suppliers.
  13. Your payment for the work is due in the amounts and at the dates stated in the quotation. Where appropriate there will be several stage payments for this work.
  14. If for any reason we consider it is unsafe to continue working at your premises or to continue some aspect of the work (perhaps until another repair is carried out) we reserve the right to suspend work until we consider it is safe to continue.

  15. Payments
  16. You are required to pay for our services and or good which we supply at the dates described for each in the quotation. We will issue an invoice for the amount concerned plus VAT at the rate current on the date of the invoice.
  17. You are required to pay each invoice within the time stated on the invoice.
  18. If you do not pay an invoice on time:
    1. we may charge you interest at 4% over Barclays Bank base rate from the date on which payment was due until the date of payment in full;
    2. if the invoice relates to goods we have not yet delivered we will not be obliged to deliver the goods until we have received payment in full;
    3. we may suspend all further work until we have received payment in full and any agreed dates for the work will automatically be delayed by the same period.
  19. All payments must be made in cash or by a method listed on the invoice.

  20. Any problems
  21. If you have any concerns about our work please let us know immediately. We will work with you to address your concerns where possible. Any manufacturer or distributor’s guarantee or warranty relating to goods we supply to you is for your benefit and you must make any appropriate claims under that warranty or guarantee to the manufacturer or distributor. We shall not be liable for any loss or damage which are properly recoverable by you under such a warranty or guarantee.
  22. We are not liable for any goods or materials which we do not supply to you and so if any problems arise with these you must refer to the relevant supplier. We will not be responsible for taking delivery of goods or materials from another supplier, so if you arrange for such delivery whilst we are at the premises you must arrange to have someone else available to check the delivery.
  23. Your statutory rights are not changed by this contract. If you are a consumer and you have any queries about those rights you may seek advice from the Citizen’s Advice Bureau.

  24. Your obligations during the contract
  25. You must ensure that we have safe access to the premises to perform the services and deliver and or install the goods.

  26. Our cancellation rights
  27. We may cancel our contract with you immediately at any time by giving you notice in writing if:
    1. we consider it unsafe to continue working at your premises for any reason; or
    2. if there is any event which is outside our control which prevents us from continuing the work without interruption; or
    3. you are late with any payment; or
    4. you are in breach of any other part of this contract.
  28. If we cancel the contract in this way we will invoice you for the services performed and goods delivered and any goods ordered from third party suppliers by that date, and if you have paid in advance for services not yet performed we will refund that amount less any amounts which you owe us.

  29. Cancellation Rights for private customers
  30. If your contract with us is only for your private requirements and not in connection with any business or trade, then you have the following cancellation rights.
  31. Before we start providing services or delivering goods you may cancel this contract in relation to our work or goods or materials you have ordered from us at any time until 2 days before the date work is due to start. Please note we cannot offer you these cancellation rights for any bespoke goods you have ordered or if you have asked us to undertake work and or supply goods or materials within 14 days of our quotation.
  32. Once we have started work and or delivered goods you may cancel this contract by giving us 30 days’ notice in writing. The contract will end at the end of that notice.
  33. On being advised by you that you wish to cancel the contract with us we will confirm that to you in writing and invoice you for the costs of all services and goods supplied to you before the end of the contract. We will also advise you prior to that date including any bespoke goods ordered by us from third party suppliers. We will refund you for any amounts which you have paid for services to be supplied after the end of the contract less any other amounts which you owe to us.

  34. Our liabilities to you.
  35. We shall not limit or exclude liability for any loss or damage arising from death; personal injury; fraud or any other matters for which the exclusion and or limitation of liability is not permitted by law.
  36. If we fail to comply with this contract we will shall be responsible for loss or damage you suffer that is a foreseeable result of our breach of the terms or our negligence.
  37. We are not responsible for the cost of repairing any pre-existing faults or damage to your property that we discover in the course of the work. We are not responsible for any faults or damage caused by any other person or company. Servicing Reminders
  38. We are sometimes able to offer you a software generated, reminder of the annual service needs of a boiler or other appliance. However, we offer this as a courtesy and accept no liability should there be a failure in the software or should you not receive that reminder for any reason. You will at all times be responsible for ensuring that you make timely arrangements for the regular servicing of your boiler/ appliance (s).

Updated January 2015